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 {*Update*}: November 7, 2014

I am not currently making new creations for e3e, however I am hopeful  that when this season of toddlers and babies moves into a season of greater independence, I will have the hours I need to properly pour into this ministry. 

In the meantime my family and I continue to endorse and financially support Compassion International. We currently sponsor 6 children from around the world. Join with us in praying for them and sponsor a child here!


Please visit my Etsy store at

My hope and dream for this store is to create and sell beautiful items that will be a blessing to those who purchase them. 

50% of all proceeds will be donated to 
Compassion Canada "Releasing Children from Poverty in Jesus' Name"

Please note that local pick up and delivery is available but all payments must be made via the Etsy Shop <3


  1. AMAZING Amanda!!! Good for you! I will be telling everyone I know and I hope it's a huge success and many lives are touched. And I know that God will bless your efforts - "whatever you do for the least of these - you do for me." <3

    1. Thank you Lalania!!! And thank you for sharing on facebook I was truly blessed by your words!! Now I need to post some more items after all the advertising done on my behalf! <3