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Some of my favourite things.....

Happy Friday!! (Well almost... Thursday evening counts as Friday right??)I’m mixing things up over here tonight. Point in case... I SHOULD be using these...

... but my dear husband came home from picking up milk with a bag of these...

Mmmm. Breaking the rules  sure is yummy ;)

So I figured I’d put a pause on the Blog Series With The Really Long Name that’s barely got started, and branch out into the practical.

One of the little changes our family made in this dive into intentional living (more on that in the upcoming Blog Series With The Really Long Name) was finding practical ways to cut our budget that jived with my status as Full Time Stay at Home Momma. One of those budget cuts was to make the switch to cloth diapering, and almost a year in I can safely say that I would NEVER go back to disposables. Boy oh boy if the $$$ savings alone wasn't enticement enough, I love the fact that Little One’s tender tooshie isn’t being exposed to chemicals on a daily basis. And hey I’m home! So why not wash some poop while I’m here right? ;)

Okay: so first off - this is by no means a disposable diaper bashing post. I don't bash... and the cloth diaper route is not right for every lifestyle. BUT on the off chance that you’ve being contemplating making the switch I thought I’d offer up my meager findings. Here goes ;)

1. Find diapers, liners, and wipes that you love!! I haven’t tried a thousand different brands but of the ones that I have used these are my five star picks: 


Ok these diapers ROCK. Nicole has AMAZING taste in fabric, not to mention a super high quality product. I have had 6 of these diapers in rotation and they were worth every penny. I'll be ordering more soon as they are officially my go-to diaper.


I just got my second order of these in the mail TODAY. Their super soft, luxurious feel mayyyy be what inspired this very post. I'm just sayin.... 
But seriously. These liners are amazing. Again, they are SUPER soft. And a truly superior product. The more you wash them the more absorbent they become. I had six of these prior to today and they are the ONLY liners I have used. So they've seen their fair share of use and have held up beautifully.

Carolyn @ wooldins is also super sweet and I JUST noticed that she makes diapers and wipes too. I haven't tried them myself but I'm betting they are fabulous as well.

*Note: she is currently only accepting custom orders so to contact her check out her Etsy shop at the link above and send her a convo. You will be glad you did!

(On a side note: with all liners, if you have a heavy nighttime wetter I would recommend doubling up to prevent unfortunate mishaps concerning sheets and mattresses.)



I decided to go the frugal route with my wipes and DIY a big batch of them. I ordered 2 yards of this terry cloth from in the states which yielded about 25 double layered 6"x6" cloth wipes. Again they are the only wipes I have used so they have seen a lot of wear and have held up awesome.
I found this recipe for diaper wipe solution online and for the life of me can't remember the original source. SO disclaimer: if this is your recipe feel free to take claim to it. It is AWESOME:

Diaper Wipe Solution
  • 2 cups distilled water (or just previously boiled and cooled water)
  • 2 TBSP grapeseed oil
  • 2 TBSP liquid castile soap
  • 4 drops chamomile (Roman) essential oil
  • 6 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1/2 tsp vitamin E oil (as a preservative)
    I placed all ingredients in a medium sized mason jar
    and gave them a good shake. Dip your cloth wipe in the 
    solution and wipe away!! 

    note: make sure to give your jar a good shake before each
    use as the oils will concentrate on top of the water.

2. Bidet it up!! No seriously. Best. Buy. Yet. I can't imagine cloth diapering without one. 

We bought this one on and it has been great.

We actually moved after we bought it and had to install it a second time and we still haven't had any trouble with leaks etc. Good product.

3. Use a wet bag. Or two.And keep a small one in your diaper bag. A wet bag is basically just a bag with a layer of polyurethane laminate on the inside. This makes the bag waterproof and durable. I went DIY with this as well; ordered my fabric from and whipped myself up a cute little bag to hold all those cute little diapers and luxurious liners that are now soaked with pee and covered in poop.(I would recommend having one for the diapers and one for the liners to extend the life of the diapers but it isn't an absolute necessity).

4. Treat your products with love.  

  • First off: cloth diapers, liners, wipes, and wet bags should be washed in phosphate free detergent and hung to dry in the sun as often as possible. Yes we live in Vancouver. This is only possible a few months out of the year. We do it when we can. 
  • Secondly: products containing zinc etc should also not be used with cloth diapers and liners so traditional diaper creams are out. Although Sudocrem has been my favourite diaper cream from day 1, I have recently found a new love. And once again I CAN'T FIND THE ORIGINAL SOURCE. My sincerest apologies to the creator of this diaper cream extraordinare:
Diaper Cream
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 3/4 cup shea butter
  • 3 drops tea tree oil
  • 5 drops lavender oil
    Whip the first two ingredients together. 
    Add the last two and whip again. Voila. Bum cream.

5. Feel the satisfaction. Yes its a little more work. Yes its an investment up front. But honestly? Its so worth it. Where we live we don't get garbage pick up so its been a money savings on that front as well. Disposables sure do fill up garbage cans (and landfills) fast. Oh, and diaper rash? Thing of the past. Truly great. 

6. Last but not least, do your research. And ASK questions! None of the products I have listed are paid endorsements. They are simply products I have used and loved. When I started on the path to cloth diapers and ordered my first batch (from Nicole @ breastfriends) I had what I felt were some pretty silly questions. Okay I had a LOT Of silly questions. And Nicole was friendly and super helpful. You'll find that people who have walked the road before you are only too happy to help.

My # 1 question? : Got the diapers. Now what????
Well that might not be exactly how I worded it but thats pretty much how I felt about cloth diapering. Clueless and overwhelmed by the wealth of information. So in case you're in that boat right now here's my super simple cloth diapering routine:

  • Put diaper on change table. 
  • Place liner on top of (or inside pocket of) diaper.
  • Lay baby on diaper and snap/velcro/button/ wrap that diaper up (use diaper cream somewhere during this stage ;) )
  • Change as necessary. 
  • If its poop, wipe tender tooshie clean and put on clean diaper.
  • Walk that diaper and all its goodness to the toilet and spray all that yummy stuff away. (apologies. It must be past my bedtime)
  • Put diaper and liner in appropriate wet bags. I store mine outside on the front porch so that everyone who visits gets a whiff of whatever lovely odours may be escaping from it. Not really. Well I do have them on the front porch but thats not why. Honestly. (Prior to us having a front porch I hung my bags from a towel hook in the bathroom and that worked as well)

And that is IT for tonight folks. Cloth diapering tips you'd like to share?? Chime in by commenting below!

I promise to be back to my usual writings next post. Here's hoping for Saturday morning but I shan't make any promises.

Love to you all!



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